MoodoGo portable diffuser review

There are several fragrances that we come across in our daily lives and the sense of smell plays a major role in the psychological changes of mood and working ability.
Modern Home aroma therapy
If you need great aroma at your place, to create a special mood for any special moment, or maybe just to relax your senses after a stressful week, a home aroma diffuser can be a very convenient option. Moodo makes smart aroma diffusers, which helps to create a fragrance that can be personalized according to your choices using the four smart interchangeable capsules. The MoodoGo diffuser device which is easy to be carted around just needs a USB power supply to be set in action.

What is Moodo?

It’s the smartest aroma diffuser, which allows you to create the scent according to your mood. Some of the features include:
     A wide range of fragrance capsules to choose from
     Smart and stylish aroma diffuser
     Smart Moodo app to control the device
     Mix your own scent

Product design

The initial plan to make this device was for the cars, because of its sleek nature, however, now it works everywhere. MoodoGo was specially designed to make the Moodo fragrances available to you on-the-go at the (CES) Consumer electronics show, in Las Vegas.

The Smart Capsules and usage

MoodoGo has a single scent capsule, which is interchangeable at your convenience with the other compatible capsules. You just have to rotate the dial on top of the device to control the diffusion and adjust the fragrance. MoodoGo uses the advanced dry air alcohol-free fragrance diffusion technique, which does mean that they do use aerosols for the fragrance dispersion.

Customize your fragrance to your own mood

Moodo has a wide variety of smart fragrance capsules which you can choose from. The creative part begins when you get to create your own fragrance using the perfumer’s pre-set mixing options and you get the 100% control of the fragrance. Some compatible capsules would include orange sunrise, grandma Vanilla, and wood royale. Each of these is designed to enhance your mood.     

The Mind Behind

Agan aroma has always been the leader in creating a range of good quality fragrance products. It’s been forty years this aroma giant has been stealing the market using its cutting edge fragrance creation and personalization technique. With its passion to blend traditional best in class fragrance with smart connectivity technologies, they are definitely the future of diffusing technology.

Final Closure

MoodoGo is a simple to use air freshener which can be plugged into any USB port at home or workplace. It’s a small of the original Moodo diffuser, so which means you can enjoy the Moodo scent anywhere at your whim. The device is smart, well connected using Wi-Fi and easily operated using the mobile application. The device has designed in a sleek manner to make it easily cartable. MoodoGo is available in the market since January 2019 at the cost of $39.00 and each capsule will cost you $4.95 which is quite affordable. So what are you waiting for, enjoying being the Smell DJ?