Whoosh! Screen Cleaner review

We use our cell phones frequently and you know that your cell phone also requires cleaning because it is dirty enough that even a public toilet seat has fewer bacteria than your cell phone. Other than your cell phone, your laptop and computer screen also wants cleaning. You wash and clean your hands regularly but obviously, you can’t clean your mobile or other gadgets’ screen so due to dirty screens, your hands also get dirty. Some people clean their gadgets’ screens with hand sanitizer which is very harmful to the upper covering of any gadgets’ screen.
There are many sprays available in the market for the cleaning of gadgets’ screen but if you want to remove finger marks and bacteria. You should use a better screen cleaner spray. For this purpose, the Whoosh tech hygiene screen cleaner is the best option. It is non-toxic spray which cleans all screens at its best.

Whoosh Screen Cleaner Spray Kit

Whoosh screen cleaner named as ‘Screen Shine’ comes with the full kit which includes two things.
  • The first thing which is included in the kit is a 30 ml spray bottle which has the solution for cleaning.
  • The kit also contains a microfiber and disinfectant clean cloth which should be used for cleaning the device’s screen.


  • The Whoosh Screen Shine spray screen cleaner is non-toxic, alcohol and corrosive-free, and environment-friendly spray which will comfortably polish all device’s screens. Due to these properties, it is safe to use for you and your family.
  • It is very easy to use. You can use it anywhere whether you are on the road or in your office or home.
  • Whoosh Screen Shine Spray is screen-friendly. It can be used for any kind ofgadgets’ screen from cell phone to any electronic device because it is specially made for these screens. All screens are easily cleaned and polished with the help of screen shine. It doesn’t create any scratch on any device’s screen.
  • It has scientifically proved that Whoosh Screen Shine cleans dirt, oil, any marks and kills the germs to 99.99%. No other screen cleaner spray can give you the surety of that much cleaning.
  • The main feature or advantage of this spray is that you can use it anywhere. The kit just has a 1oz spray bottle and a microfiber cloth so you can easily take it anywhere with you and can use it where you want.
  • You don’t have any need to find a cloth to clean the screen with Screen shine spray because it contains a cloth with it to clean the device’s screen.
  • It contains an anti-abrasive layering component in it which make a layer on the screen instantly after the cleaning. It protects the screen from fingerprints and smudging.  

How to use Whoosh Screen Shine

Its usage procedure is a bit different than other screen cleaning sprays. You have to spray the solution on the provided microfiber cloth instead of spraying on the screen and make layering of the solution on the screen. After that, you have to clean and polish the screen with the dry side of the cloth.